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Poor Electrical Connections - Lubricate the seals around the plug and socket

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Hello, I've owned 3 Alfa 156s over the years. My current one for 18 years, only done 84,000 miles.I got it after I retired. Had a few thigs go wrong nothing that I couldn't fix, until recently.

It or should I say they, related to faults with the lambda sensors. I'd cancel them out and they would return I'd have a fiddle cancel them out and low and behold faults were raised again but with different codes.
I read a lot on this site about connection so I went around all the connections I could access under the bonnet and sprayed them with terminal cleaner. Low and behold lambda sensor faults reared their head again.
I have read over the years about the poor connectors on these cars but never experienced a problem, until now.
I think I MAY have found the problem.

The yellow seals around the connectors have a degree of friction when being connected, what I found was that after connecting they were withdrawing very slightly, maybe 10-15 thou. I put this down friction between the plug and the socket. A dose of terminal cleaner around the yellow seal not only the contact stopped the plug withdrawing. Fingers crossed cured the problem.
Time will tell.
Regards Pete
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Sometimes the multiplugs incorporate a silicone rubber seal. After a few years it is a good idea to lubricate the part of the seal which slides over or inside the other part of the housing. This ensures good connectivity. It prevents the seal grabbing the part which is meant to slide relative to the seal which results in the seal being displaced and improper terminal connectivity.
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