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Poor Electrical Connections - Lubricate the seals around the plug and socket

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Hello, I've owned 3 Alfa 156s over the years. My current one for 18 years, only done 84,000 miles.I got it after I retired. Had a few thigs go wrong nothing that I couldn't fix, until recently.

It or should I say they, related to faults with the lambda sensors. I'd cancel them out and they would return I'd have a fiddle cancel them out and low and behold faults were raised again but with different codes.
I read a lot on this site about connection so I went around all the connections I could access under the bonnet and sprayed them with terminal cleaner. Low and behold lambda sensor faults reared their head again.
I have read over the years about the poor connectors on these cars but never experienced a problem, until now.
I think I MAY have found the problem.

The yellow seals around the connectors have a degree of friction when being connected, what I found was that after connecting they were withdrawing very slightly, maybe 10-15 thou. I put this down friction between the plug and the socket. A dose of terminal cleaner around the yellow seal not only the contact stopped the plug withdrawing. Fingers crossed cured the problem.
Time will tell.
Regards Pete
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