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Bliar made a speech quite recently where he said that we should support the Americans like they supported us when quote "America stood shoulder to shoulder with us during the blitz" anyone here notice the deliberate mistake?

Thank **** the embarassing nonentity will be gone soon.:rant:
Its not a deliberate mistake, its the truth! Didn't you watch Pearl Harbour? American pilots won the Battle of Britain for us. Idiot.. :rolleyes:

(For those that don't get irony, the above is a joke :D)

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So we understand the Americans involvement in the WW2....

The British government paid for them to enter the war in a limited capacity, including agreements for weaponry and supplies.....period.

We hocked ourselves up in so much debt....This has only just recently been paid off last month I believe.

It was not an intervention based on their love of the English...Just money, Patents and other technology......They then put full commitment to the cause when they were struck by the Japanese….

It is wrong to generalise about a people, but its only natural....all black people smoke weed...for example.

But in general America has become more polarized with its views about the east and that has been done through a determined media campaign which has pretty much brainwashed the public into a consensus.

It was amusing to see the film Borat again last weekend !!!

Any way on a lighter note….a joke I recently heard.

How do you kill and American?
Try to catch him when he is sneaking up behind you!!

Sorry if it offends but I have a personal understanding of what that joke means.

181 - 187 of 187 Posts