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hello while driving my 156 home from work my car blowers were on level 3. all of a sudden they stopped working, the digital temp gauge dropped to minus 19. i have been told that there is a sensor in the wing mirror that can be damaged, but when i start the car up they will work for a limited time. they can last 20mins, 5mins, 1hour (u get my drift) , can anyone help me, and if it is the sensor in the mirror can anyone tell me how to get it out to be replaced or is it a sealed unit and i have to buy a new wing mirror.....

It's that man again! :rolleyes: :lol: You say the blowers will now work for a period and then fail. While they are working, does the temp gauge show a true figure or -19C? When they fail, is it because the reading has suddenly gone to -19C?
If it is your temp sensor, you're looking at a new mirror, AKAIK you can't just get a new sensor (although it is removable). A new/2nd hand mirror can be had for about £30 on ebay or from a breakers yard.
As I say though, you need to find if there is a direct correlation between the fans stopping and the temp reading showing -19C. I fthere is, it would seem to point to a faulty sensor.
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