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Hi All,

I have 2 months ago purchased a 2002 147 Selespeed, its done 56,000km.

It has had a few issues since purchase, im not sure wether these are an accumulation of problems that is something bigger or just what to expect from this type of car. My concern is that the used car warranty runs out shortly and i want need to get whatever fixed if there is something wrong with it before its up to me to pay to fix it.

The problems started with
- a complete system failure, gears jumping then straight to neutral, left it for 5 minutes turned back on and it was fine. I took it down to the Alfa Service Center i purchased it from and they said nothing showed up on the diagnostic computer check (the dash did not come up and tell me it had a system failure) and therefore i presume thats why it did not register on the computer? They replaced a relay and said it should be fine.

- Recently it would not go into reverse and would not do so for 2 days, the service center came and picked it up, the ran it over the computers, re-caliberated it and said it there may have been some dirt in a selenoid. Worked after that.

**It was at this time that they told me for the FIRST time that there should be nothing wrong with this car as it has had a Selespeed system replacement (a new actuator) installed in October 07, they gave me the reciepts as well for this as they 'just came across them'. They neglected to mention this or give me the reciepts prior to purchase.

- Just now it had another system failure involving going from 2nd to 5th to neutral to not changing gears at all. The only thing it would do is reverse. I left it for 10 mins and its fine...for now.

I will be taking it back down to the service center, only i feel somewhat at their mercy as if they say there is 'nothing wrong with it, nothing showed up on the computers' im not sure what else i can do.

The other details i can provide about the car is that:
- it had its timing belt changed at 47,000 km
- its had a new battery recently installed
- it has been nearly 10,000 km since its last service but i have booked it in for one next week.

I have read through numerous threads and am aware of the selespeed pitfalls however if this car has had a new one installed hopefully it is not that.

Hopefully a fellow Alfa owner with similar problems could help. Or i would appreciate any advice that would be able to help me in letting me know what could be wrong or wether this is a common problem. Anything would be helpful.

Thanks very much Aus_Alfa
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