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Hi Guys,

you may remember that i posted a message back in spetember last year looking for my my Grandad's old car, Well I'm still looking!! Loads of u gave me some help but unfortunatley still unable to locate it.

Just wanted to ask if u could still keep an eye out for it for me? here is a copy of the original post. thanks for all of your help. Richie

Hi All, wondering if anyone can help??? i am looking for a specific Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6, Registration UAM 4Y. It is red and i think it was registered around the year 1982/83.
It was my Grandfather's car and was his pride and joy!! Unfortunatley after his death in 1996 my Grandmother reluctantley sold it. But i was very close to him and we both shared a bond with the car. I have often wondered over the years where the car is and if one day i could buy it back.
I seem to remember the guy that bought it was going to restore it and put it into shows, so i am hoping that someone on here may know where the car is?? if the owner does not want to sell it, it would just be great to see the car again, especially if it has been restored!
Thanks in advance for any help!!

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