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I will be installing new piston rings on my GTA. I have 6 new sets and would like to check if my thoughts are OK as I cant read any marks on the worn old rings.

The set looks like this: GTA engine trouble/04.jpg

With oil scrapper ring, everything is clear, its the lower one and it has a mark "cTOP"
Other two rings are different, one is black steel with "cTOP" mark and the other is silver color (chromed?) one marked with "C" The black one is wider as well, the thickness is the same (by eye), but it is a little wider than the chromed one.

Am I right that the black one is semi-scraper ring and goes into the middle with the "cTOP" make upwards and the chromed ring goes to the top position without specific orientation? It doesn't have "TOP" mark, just "C". Should it be this side up or it doesn't matter?
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