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Ive read with interest the post's regarding air filters.
I'm thinking of putting a Pipercross panel filter in my 155 2.0 8v.
Would fitting a performance filter make a worth while difference to my standard car over a standard filter?
Any replys would be great :)

Also does anyone know were I could get one online or by mail order.

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Hello Mattie

What a sensible lad... you've gotta go for one... you just need it!

Any filter other than the origional type will make a difference... It just allows the engine to breathe a bit better.

How much is the pipercross one costing? is it a foam one or a matrix? I'd highly recommend the K&N panel... it only cost me £36, and i think that's V Good for a panel filter. K&N are one of the best if not THE best for filters.

This may sound silly but i'd also recommend drilling a 5 or 6 holes in the fron of the airbox too. Below the panel filter line. It'll help the new panel to make more of a difference by allowing a greater rush of air through the penel when needed (as opposed to haveing to suck like buggery to pull the air through the ducting)

Plus it also gives you some induction noise :D :D :D What we all need is induction noise.

And that is good!!!


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Hi Jason,
Thanks for the reply :)

Ive not yet sourced the Pipecross filter, i have the code (PP1304) for the 155 8v fitment. I was hoping to find a site online that I could order from, but as yet to no avail.

Thanks to your recomendation, I'll see if its easier to get a K&N panel filter. If so I might go for one of those.

Was fitting your filter a case of old out new in? The reason I ask is my brother has a 146 ti 2lt 16v with a full ram air race induction kit (amonst other goodies)on it and it was a pain in the a$rse to fit.

Once again thanks for reply.

Mattie :)

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How much was your brother Ram Air kit? What was in it? They were part of Prodrive that ran the 1995 BTCC 155's

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Hi Henry,
My brother's RamAir induction kit looks very similar to a picture you posted of your 155 filter setup. The main diffrence being that it came with a two large aluminium pipes to direct air from under the car which was attached to a funnel shaped housing which surrounded the filter eliment to ensure uptimum air flow.

On speaking to my brother he has told me that the kit was made for a 156 2lt ts, hence the pain to fit.

I have no idea of the cost, as it was obtained through a friend in the car industry

I hope this helps? :)

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yeah mattie,

the panel is a direct replacement. out with the old in with the new.

if you were looking at an induction kit now that's a differant story. An induction kit has a big cone filter. You have to take out the airbox and all the gubbings below. It;s look the same has henry's does. That's a K&N induction kit.

Demontweeks should be able to give you a price/partnumber for the K&N and probably green air filter and others too. if you goto their website ( you'll find their phone number there and they will deliver to your door too.


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Rang Demon Tweeks, they recommended a K&N insted of the Pipercross (better construction they said).
They had one in stock (£45) and I should be getting it tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice :D

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