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I've got the Pioneer AVH 4200 DVD fitted in my Brera with the seperate CD220BT Bluetooth box. It was all fitted by a car aduio place and every single function works perfectly, except that I don't seem to be able to get the phone book from my android phone (HTC Desire) into the Pioneer.

The phone pairs and connects and makes/receives calls just fine, but the phone book doesn't download. On the Pioneers' Bluetooth/telephone menu screen there is no phone book button, and none of the options relate to syncing the phone book.

Similarly on the android phone, there is no option to push the phone book to the phone. I searched the intermaweb and found several suggestions to download a free program called "Bluetooth File Transfer" from the Android market and use that to push my contacts from the Android's SD card to the Pioneer. It tries to do that, takes ages and eventually says something like "device not discoverable".

Anyone got any idea how to do this?

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