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I joined the forum a couple of days ago but only managed to collect my new car today. :)
I say new she's a 1998 "R" plate 156 2.0T spark but she's new to me.
She's been well looked after over her 111.000 miles but the cam belt went on her before Christmas and shes just had a new one fitted along with a couple of new valves that got bent in the process.
She could probably do with a bit of paint on her front bumper and a dent out of her boot but she runs sweet as a nut and drives like the wind.
I just need to read as much as i can on here over the coming months as to what i could be replacing here and there to make her feel even better than she does, before her first proper trip out (Brooklands in March).
I can't stop looking out the window at her... shes stunning. :)
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