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Everyone's at it! So I thought I'd join in. My progress thread is really for me to see how much I've actually done since buying my Bella in December 2007.


On arrival - December 2007

She wasn't in bad condition, but had been resprayed in the past and badly at that :( In fact one panel turned out to be metallic when the rest of the car was a solid black :eek:

So my first task was to have a respray courtesy of my multi-talented Dad :thumbs:

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My next job was to put smart new numberplates on...

...and not wanting to alter the grille too much, I bought these chrome strips off ebay and used the original grille. New badges were put on front and back.

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So what's next PG ... Teledials or Wind deflector?

:D ...

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Today I had a go at painting my engine cover :eek:


A bit manky :(

As it's a 2 litre I was only going to be able to paint the removable cover.

I started by cleaning the cover and applying spray primer..

I applied three coats of primer and then four coats of Fiat Red Orange

I picked out the lettering with a metallic aluminum coloured spray and a paintbrush.

Here it is on the engine :D

I cleaned the rest of the engine with steel wool and painted the Alfa Romeo by hand. I think it'll need another coat, but I'm really pleased with the overall effect :D

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looking well PG :D

did you use Hight Temp paint for your rocker cover yeah?
No, I didn't. It doesn't seem to get that hot as all it covers are the coil packs and the plugs. If needs be I'll redo it using HT paint (because I really enjoyed doing it - I'm a simple soul ;))

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How come all the girls I know can't even be
bothered to wash their cars, let along get
them looking like your Spider, PG? :confused:

(And most have never even popped the bonnet
let alone done up a cover! :eek:)

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Hey, I've been around garages all my life Nev :D

And I could never have a dirty car :eek:

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You don't need a durty car you're durty enough as it is ;) :lol:

Looking good PG :thumbs:

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:think: You grubby little girl :lol:

BTW great work on the rocker cover :thumbs:
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