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Petrol fumes

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Here goes -

93 2.5 V6

As the petrol tank gets low on fuel i experience quite a strong smell of petrol.

I have looked/felt all over but can't find any form of a leak.

The petrol cap is not an Alfa item and when you go to refuel it is very stiff to undo and then there is a loud wooshing noise as air is let into the tank. Obviously a vacumn is being formed some where.

Could this also be causing the smell?

Hope someone can help.

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the vacume should be there its a pressurised system..this is a tricky one if the tank caps sealing ok(which it is)it could be a leaking seal round the rear light letting fumes in.?
best thing would be to get a propper cap first it might cure it.

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Have you checked under the bonnet to make sure that the inlet and return fuel pipes are not leaking ? They're situated at the cam belt end of the engine on a rail runing along the inlet manifold from left to right.

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Hi Angel,
Had exactly the same problem with my 96 V6 a couple of months ago.
I replaced the cap, with a genuine part (if you want I can give you the part no), and the green filler neck seal.
This cured the problem straight away.
You mention that you have got a non-genuine fuel cap, which in this case will mean you'll have to buy a lock too.
FYI the cap and seal cost about £12 from a main dealer.

Hope this helps
Mark :)

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Cheers Mark.

I get the genuine parts ordered.

I have a parts CD so will be able to get part numbers.

Thanks for your help.
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