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Peterborough pub outing #4 1st December 2011 at The Granary

I thought it was about time to get some pic's on here from way back in December as my technology challenged friend (Jillyflower) is still waiting for yet more instruction from Mr JF to be able to resize and upload photo's.

As I feel Mr JF's pain I have decided to upload Jill's few photo's that she took. Some would say that you can tell that Mr JF is the pro photographer and that Jilly has never listened to Mr JF's instructions on photography either but I'm not getting into that argument :D

sooo here goes for the ones you can see faces in ;) (apologies for sub standard pic's)

granary 1.jpg

granary 2.jpg

granary 3.jpg

granary 4.jpg

No cars Jilly? :tut:

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