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Good Morning,

I have my 33 running on Carbs rather than Fuel Injection and Performance is a difference, only problem is in Malta we have BAD Fuel, The stuff I find in my fuel filter (Sand, Rust, Some Guey Stuff), anyhow till now I've been using an in-line fuel filter about 6 micron but if the tank falls below 1/2 it is going to stop (Sometimes in a tunnel or any odd place), the filter gets clogged, I open it up clean it with Carb Cleaner and Back to Normal, but its getting annoying as I already cleaned my tank twice.

So I decided to buy a performance filter of 8 Micron and even just blowing through it seems to make a difference but it has a paper element and I use it pre pump, I don't know if I should go with the Metal filter instead which is 45 Micron but I dont want any surprises in the carb.

Any Suggestions ?


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