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This may be of interest who find water in their footwells after rain.
I have recently been driving without the inner passenger door panel, as the window motor is knackered, and just waiting to get a new one. I've removed the plastic lining (I am renewing it when I reconstruct the door) that is between the outer door shell and the black framework which has the motor & runners attached to it. what I have noticed is that when it rains, water finds its way behind the wing mirror unit, trickles down inside the door, then wells up in the rubber door seal at the bottom. When this is full the water then runs down into the passenger footwell.
I took the wing mirror off on sunday and used silicone sealer, but its still finding a way in.
If anyone finds puddles in the footwell this may be worth investigating. If your plastic sheet has been removed or torn water may find a way in this way.

Phew that's a long one (oooeer missus)
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