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Hello fellow Alfa drivers.

My name is Pascal from Belgium.
Belgium, yes, the land of chocolate, waffels, frittes and mayonaise, five government's, and top of the bill a capital as great as a penny divided in six police zone's.
I guess that making and delivering me at Barbados or the Bahamas was a bridge to far at the time :jester:

But hey, recently again, Alfa driver.
In the past, I had a 156 2.5V6, a GTV 2.0TS and long long ago an Alfetta GTV 2,0 1979.

For now, good family father as i am i choose the 159SW :hehe:

It has become a 159 progression in grigio stromboli from year 12/2007.
-Red Leather interior (also known as 'Rossi Porno')
-Navigation Bleu & Me
-Parking sensors behind
-Multifunctional wheel
-Rear windows tinted
-16 "Wheels
-Automatic aircon
-Cruise control

Probably there will be issues that were included in the mentioned 'Progression' package.
But I do not really have a clue.

Also equipped with some scratches and minor damage, but nothing insurmountable.
Meanwhile, equipped with some extras.
-17 "Alfa original wheels whose name is unknown to me.
-BMC Insert filter
-Squadra Massimo Chip

Thats it 4now :thumbs:
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