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Hi guys,

Am going to Italy this eastern but not with the car . I'm searching a shop in the Nord region (Milan, Torino, Firenze) where one can buy (cheaper than originals) bits and pieces for my 155 1.7 TS.
I'm looking to replace my wishbones and brakediscs/pads, exhaust.
Any1 know a 155 specialist?

Muchos gracias

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Yeh and I would be amazed if the 155 parts in an Italian main dealership weren't loads cheaper anyhow, keep us all posted may have to get the ferry! :D



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Here are the result of the Italian jury

Okay I asked around to get quotes on following parts for my 155 1.7 Ts of 1996:

2 wishbones front:

Alfalocal dealer (Belgium) €230
Afra (Italia) € 192
Arese (Netherlands) € 82 (!!) not original but still

2 discs front and 4 pads
Alfalocal dealer (B) €250
Afra (I) € 212
Arese (NL) € 180

This is getting ridiculous.
Do I go for original parts in Alfa packaging or non original.
Maybe for the brakes go original and the wishbones go non original.

Any Advize
Cheers Michele

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Hmm.. I would have said wishbones original, brakes not.

A cheapo disc will just wear out quick, whereas a cheapo wishbone might snap and put you in a ditch somewhere.

Ralf S.

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I thought just the opposite.
Brakes are vital, poor brakin is something you don't want so go original.

Wishbones is something mechanical can't go much wrong, besides alfa doesn't make the wishones but gets a percentage by selling them.


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Brakes are easy - just discs of steel. Mine are fakes and work just fine. Wishbones - well, personally I wouldn`t want fakes - they take a lot of load!
In the worst case, if you put fake brakes on and they feel bad then you know. If you put fake wishbones on and they are bad then you dont know until the ditch says hello!

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Don't you guys think that the parts on the car when it came out of the factory were from the manufacturer who produces them and offers them to alfa at the cheapest price?

What brand is an original brake disk or wishbone?

For all you know it is produced in the same factory than 'non-original' parts but without the stamp of Alfa.

:confused: :confused:

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Hi all,
I agree with Designo. Chances are very high that manufactorer of discs is the same or at least quality.
I'll also go to Italy at Easter time to check prices; but that'll be too late to recommend...
Was there last year at a small Alfa Garage, mainly asking for restauration (Bertone) prices.
Won't help you from UK, but labour costs in Italy are about half to 2/3 the price of Austria (say 70€ in A).

But I'll check 155 ' prices and let you know if anyone is interested.

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I'm just a proud dutch 75 V6 owner, and in Holland we have one cheap shop called Tuynder which is located in Leidschendam near The Hague. Even the Alfa dealer shops there. Tell me what you want and i will ask for prices. He has almost everything and the guy knows a lot!! Very cool to know that a 155 Q4 is rare in England. Last time there was a nice one (wide body) for less than 9000 euro at (ex lease cars). I guess you all know our 155 site at

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Maarten van Oudenniel

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oh and im still looking for a leather interior for my 75

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I'm proud to say that I found a real alfa freak who worked on my car and knows the 155 inside out.
New wishbones, new discs, all filters,oil and spark plugs at a price I couldn't get 'm.

Got myself a new car.
Got to get those 17'' alloys

Thanx for the replies.
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