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Hi Everyone,
Ive Just Bought a 1996 155 1.8 TS (Very Impressed by the performance and handling) and have already found some useful tips like the alarm reset procedure and that the Cam Variator probably needs replacing, so now to my questions.

1. Would anybody be prepared to copy the parts CD for me(with some compensation of course).

2. Does anybody know where I can get the Variator replaced by a trustworthy workshop(in the CAMBS area if poss) that has some pride in the standard of their workmanship (or is that like looking for rocking horse ****). I went to the local dealer and was not impressed when told that they don't hold many spares as "They have moved on since the 155".

Great to have found a site like this and hope to partake in some of the the threads in the future.


Andy_M :)

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the parts c.d can be bought at any alfa dealer for about £12.+vat
i can do the variator call,

willsons of rippingale 01778 440777.

or find us in yellow pages.

sounds like a cheap radio ad. :D
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