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Hi I aplogise is this post is classed as a advert and I have not met the rules in terms of time served and points accrued, but I have an 1999 156 that i need to part company with ASAP.

The car is a 156 twin spark and is MOT'd until March 2017 and although it has two warning lights on (passenger air bag and Engine Warning - which I think is electrical as opposed to mechanical) it motors fantastically well. I was going to scrap the car as I cannot afford to have two cars on the road but then had the second thought of offering it to somebody who is in the middle of a project or maybe wants to start one. If I was not getting another car I would have kept it at least until the MOT expires and possibly beyond, if I had the know how to sort out the warning lights.

Anyway all I want is the price I would get if scrapped and the satisfaction that it is going to somebody who is an alfa enthusiast who can make good use of it - even as a donor vehicle. The car in my opinion is just too good to be scrapped at this stage of its life.

The car is in East London and will need to be collected. if you have the insurance, you could drive it away.

Like I say apologise if I have broken the rules
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