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Has anyone else found Parkers prices not reflected in reality of late?

It seems that they are nearly always too low.

I've been looking for cars for my wife (Rover 25s, Daewoos Matizs etc) and you will be hard pushed to find anything at the ‘right’ price. For example, according to Parkers, we paid about what you should pay for a V reg matiz at an indy dealer (950). But it was a private sale and the car has very little history. And yet the cheapest Matiz in the country on autotrader is 895.

Reason I ask is that now my mission is to sell my Coupe and find a 166. The price for the Coupe seems about right (2.5k ish) but all the 166s are overpriced way over Parkers prices. But then I think maybe they are NOT overpriced - it’s just that Parkers is underpriced.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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