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bazza said:
I'm starting to look at what my Coupe is worth to sell too. Looking at Autotrader, something around 3-4K seems appropriate, but then I went on FCCUK, and there's a guy selling a very similar one (albeit with much lower mileage) for 6k! And there are posts on the thread saying it's a really good price!
I do think some of the guys on there kid themselves a bit about what they're worth, but on the other hand, if people on there are willing to pay those kind of prices, I might advertise mine there!
I sold my coupe last year on fccuk forum - Sold in a couple of days for £8500 (2000 20vt[6] with 15k miles), I think that parkers stated around £5k at the time!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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