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Hi all,

I've been a bit quiet of late - I was well laid up over Christmas so I have a job list longer than a wet week ahead of me of all the things I was going to do over Christmas;

Replace Rad
Clean up and paint the crashplate under the Rad
Install a radio

as well as the jobs on the Saab and the house/Garden/etc.

I did manage to replace the wipers on the GTV with new ones from wipex with integrated washer - no more squeaking mice on the windshield and cable ties holding on the washer bars.

My Saab then decided to shred the fan belt a few days before she was due in for a service :cry: so I'm waiting on some spare parts...... that does mean the GTV is now my daily driver .... :)

The GTV has plenty of small scratches and a couple of bubbles on a wing mirror - I presume this is the lacqeur problem that I've seen mentioned on a couple of GTV posts...?

Anyhow I called in to a "Panel Beater/Paint guy" that has done a 2 insurance jobs for me before and I got a quote of 180 for touch up of chips etc and a machine polish afterwards - now I understand he comes highly recommended and used to do a lot of work for one of the higher end garages here before they all went bust, but - does anyone have and idea what the going rate for this kind of a job is and recommendations for the Cork area please?



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Sorry no idea what kinda money it should be for a job like that, no recommendations from me either, let us know how you get on though with whichever place you use.
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