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Hello all,

Since last saturday we are the proud owners of a 2010 Alfa Romeo Mito. While browsing the dutch Alfa forum we came up with a modification to the dashboard and one modification to the dashboard we saw in the Punto we traded in for the Mito.

The first modification will be a red line troughout the interior. We came up with this idea while browsing the dutch forum;

We like this idea because of it breaking the dark interiour. Now getting the right material for doing this and then this will be the first modification we will do.

The second modification will be a lot more difficult and this is the modification I am going to need some help with....In my girlfriends Fiat Punto the center console was glossy(?) black like this one;

My girlfriend likes this look more than the grey radio in the Mito. on earth are we going to do this? is it a question of pulling out the radio and is it then possible to pull off the upper part with the radiation vents?
And after pulling out the radio would this be a grey plastic front end that is loose or is this the entire unit?
I was hoping to pull them out and then use sandpaper and spray them shiny black.

I am talking about these grey parts here;

Hope to get some feedback here for tackeling these ideas!
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