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Hi All

In my other post i showed you how i painted my plenum etc, And i got a few messages asking how could i etc etc. So i made this thread to do a small tutorial how it works with another set of V6 plenum and head cover. But a different colour so it shows more.

Give me a couple of days to clean and organise my work station or wife will kill me if not tidy :)

And ill add the photos and Text to this post when i do each section of paint etc.

List of what i'll be using

Air Brush
Wet & Dry
Frog Masking Tape
Satin Black (Both water and Cellulose Based)
Luminous Nuclear Gunk Yellow (water Based)
Scotch Pad
Hair Dryer
Liquid Mask
Water Based Lacquer
Multi Surface Lacquer
Fuel Resistant Lacquer
Patients (alot of it)

Stay Tuned

Sorry its been slow , i forgot it was Easter so i was forced to make easter bunny calls :lol:

im doing a few things at the same time so i'll have an experiment with each colour and see what happens , I'll also include a few other tweaks that come to mind while waiting for the paint to dry :)

Ive changed from doing this with a air gun to spray tins so it can be done cheaply by anyone. Although i mention waiting 24 hours between coats its not needed but the time helps making mistakes ,like scuffing etc which my not show but will get on your nerves :p

before anything rub the part with a brush get rid of anything loose , wash well with washing up liquid while again scrubbing any loose paint or alloy corrosion. the better you do it the better the result but dont worry about every lump and bump as it will be hidden.

1st step as with everything which i dont go over as im sure everyone knows (rub down everything that your painting and make it dust free.
Now spray with a water base matt or satin black ( the whole item ) and leave for 24 hours

2nd anything you want to be shiny do it 1st , buff it until its near chrome which i think shows in the pic.

3rd if your happy with the effect you have got wash down again to make sure all is dust free , then dry well with a hair dryer until the surface is dry and maybe a little looking dusty (looks dusty but its not its just the way the alloy looks)

4th get the colour paint (water based )you want to look like its bursting through and give a light dusting , since the alloy is warm from the hair dryer you can give a coat every few mins until you have the colour you require . No masking is needed at this point.

5th for based all round results leave for 24 hours in a warm but not hot area that has air circulation. left longer will help to be more forgiving in later procedures.
do not worry about runs etc unless it looks like a swarm of bee's running down the item as they will be hidden.

I'll stop here so anyone trying it will get it how they like instead of rushing and also giving me a chance to catch up myself :)
Also giving a chance for the colour to dry for the different ways of effect that i will show.

.. here are a few pics including me messing about with headlights ( note the indicator surround will be changed from white to orange ) a it was my first mess about.

also showing calipers as i will be doing an effect on the side name plate of the caliper where Alfa Romeo is normally is displayed.

also sorry for spelling mistakes as i like to work while drinking , say no more :rolleyes:

Also 2 pics of colour changes of inside the car like centre console etc ( painting red then covering in a carbon fibre effect

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Nice one, Good man for taking the time to detail everything. Looking forward to seeing the work in stages etc, plenty of pictures please.

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Ill add second part of (fingers crossed later today ) either black on yellow or red , we will see

below are the console parts i coloured as i couldn't add to 1st post. painted then carbon covered

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Sorry for the delay had lots going on. i started the engine cover in that yellow but it was horrible . it looked like a Chinese paddy rice field with loads of bamboo cains all over the place.

so i did my gear knob. the liquid mask i used was ICE FX and all you do is wipe it on your item when painted in the base colour and left to dry for 30 mins.

Then paint again with a contrast colour , leave that t dry for 30 mins then get a cloth or gentley with a scotch pad wipe it all over while under the tap or in a bowl to dissolve the liquid mask again and you will get patterns . you can repeat the liquid mask again to add another colour or just get more patterns.

then you can mist the item to get a different colour effect or add some glitter etc etc.

Then lacquer it very thick let to dry for 24 to 48 hours and buff it like mad , they come up nice

here are soome pics the last one has been lacquered but not buffed yet so will be like glass.

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