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Paintergirl closed Edwards thread through fear of reprisal and condemnation

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How pathetic that Edwards thread was closed, thus fringing on his and others freedom of speech.
Clearly this forum has become communistic in it's approach towards criticism of moderators actions.
Way to go moderators:thumbs: really democratic, NOT!!!:tut:

Like many I've spoken to outside of the forum, all agree this site is going to the dogs, through not being able to express opinions in fear that it might upset some minority party. Total Rubbish!

While I agree though that profanity and other insults can be offensive, and I've been guilty of this my self:lol: They are alittle dictatorial when it comes to other threads

They spout rules and try to rationalise their reasons with patronising and condescending dribble.
I think Edward summed them up well in his last post before the thread was closed down.

Can't see this one lasting to long either, before it's removed for some contravention of the rules:cry::lol:
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I read the reason for his initial thread being moved and closed and at the end it said 'instead of buck the system why not help us'. Perhaps they should realise that when members express opinions about things they're not happy with about the forum that is help?? How else can we help but tell them our opinions??

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Its a mute point, but here goes.

Post 1 was a ebay link dumped in the tech lounge with no explanation or clear ownership.

later a question is asked 'is this your car?

3 days later a long advertising explanation post and an invite for more questions.

In hindsight it should have been deleted re:

Alfa Romeo Forum - Announcements in Forum : Alfa GTA

In some cases the sale post can be moved to the:

Due to this threads own rules it is not for chat. therefore anything else is deleted.

We also have a section also for ebay sales:

Other External Adverts - Alfa Romeo Forum

We also have the classifieds:

Alfa Romeo Classifieds - Auctions - Main Index - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds

There is enough ways of posting for sale items with questions or answers but not in the tech lounge.

The above is the reason, any other comments as to why do not apply.


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