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Hi guys.
Last week I did aircon service (new filter and recharge + purification) on my 159 2.0 61 plate in local aircon specialist.
Aircon was working absolutely fine, same as car and never had any serious errors. It was just 2yo after last service. (no gas leak etc)
But just after aircon service straight on after egine start the check engine appear also Hill holder error apear. (the switch was replaced beginning this year, so is new)
The guys connected to car to the computer, and followed errors apear: ACC pressure to low and also p2135 from acceleration pedal (I'm not remember exactly as they cancelled this quickly)
The aircon gas discharge was done when the key was inside after switching car off.
After canceling this fault, car was running fine till next day, when again check engine appear and revs go to 1500rpm, no acceleration. After switching engine off and on, the car start driving back normally (except check engine indicator on my dashboard) I came back to the garage, and again same errors Gas presure and p2135 from speed acceleration.
Errors was cleared, but they don't know why this is appearing, saying nothing to do with them.
Jsut strange think. This faulty never been in my car, and apear straight first just after aircon gas recharge.
Last night I came back to the UK and just lucky in the UK soil few miles from home, the fault apear. So I was lucky driving 1200km with no issues.

It any one can have idea what's going on? It this faults can be linked to the aircon service, or is just coincidence (I'm very sceptical for coincidence, specialy it was firts fault after gas reloaded was done) (lose cable, or fault need to be cleared by Fiat multi ecu scan - they use some Delphi software)

Thanks for any ideas in advance.

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