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Hello everyone,
Well anyone who looked at the thread started by someone elseabout the cheap Spider will know that I now own it.
It drove back loverlybut just a little squeal/metalic rattle when more than a couple of degrees of turn is put on the steering wheel, seems to have gone this morning but could do with power steering fluid topping up a bit.
Just been on the phone to previous owner asking how to put the roof down !!! How was I suppose to know about a couple of buttons down by the side of the seat LoL.
Anyway I'm happy with it and it will tyed me over for a couple of month till I might get a 156 which is what I was actually after in the first place. I'll get some pics in a day or two when I get my hands on a proper camera and not using the tablet instead of lappy.
So can anyone tell me what mpg I should be looking at ?
Oh yes, extra bonus was there was enough fuel in it to drive the 110 miles back.
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