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Hi there tried looking on the Technical forum but could not find an answer to my problem.

I have a 156 2.0 Twin Spark (02 Plate), I have had an issue with the car losing coolant for past couple of weeks with no obvoious clue on where it's gone. Went out today and the Temp gauge was going through the roof, I turned the heating on to maximum heat and it seemed to take the temperature back down to normal.

When I stopped I notice a pool of coolant under the car. I spent about an hour doing what i was doing and went to drive home. Again the temp gauge was going through the roof but not even turning the heating to max would work and kept going up and up. After about 5 minutes I had to pull over before the car it the red zone on my gauge. I popped the bonnet and could see coolant coming out the top of the radiator (I checked the engine and this was reasonably warm, just the rad was red hot). I stopped for about 20 minutes until the temp reduced again and then made a burst for 5 minutes of my journey to get home. But this time the maximum heating kept the gauge at about 3/4 of way up rather than keeping increasing, so this seems to work intermittantly.

Can I assume it's just the radiator and it needs replacing or is there something else that could be causing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

The Sensor in the stat reads water temp. If the water is coming out of the radiator, and no cool water is getting back to the engine. The engine will cook.
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