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Well been putting it all back together in the final chassis after mock up in the grey car. (went with a 2006 plate 156)

And after i fit the oil cooler fan i will be out of room for anything else :jester:

Just need to fit a an10 elbow to oil rad adjust the intercooler and a good tidy and clean , Then fit the face lift front and full none facelift zender kit and start the prep for respray , Seems never ending :biglaugh:

But not before my short holiday by the sea next week for a good chill out :beer:

When i start the prep for respray i will be sending my spare cars to a friend for him to break up , so if if anyone needs stuff super cheap that will be the time to ask for bits before he send its all abroad . plus there is a lovely set of mint leather heated seats (black) from a low mileage car which would be worth getting if you have ever thought about seat change.

But ill give you a heads up before i send them to him.

time for some food and a relaxing cuppa tea

P.s i know runners are red but they were real badly pitted and i getting some bigger ones made which i will chrome


1 - 3 of 3 Posts