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Orange say the IMEI is not their phone

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Not a good Monday - dropped my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 and the glass smashed.

Rang Orange or EE or whatever they are called today and was asked for the IMEI. Read that out and was told that is not the right number and that orange didn;t supply the phone.

Now I know for a fact that Orange did as I look after all the phones for the business. However, the orange customer service bod maintained that it is not their handset as supplied and that it is not possible to change the IMEI. He even said it is like the chassis number on a car.

Realising I wasn't getting anywhere - I called Samsung. Guess what - they say that the official firmware updates (i.e. Android 4.1.2) could cause the IMEI displayed from the phone to change.
However, there is a sticker under the battery with the original IMEI #.

So to save anyone similar hassle - if you are needing your IMEI - take it from the box your phone came in or from the sticker inside the case - not the software reported #

Rant over :)
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That's unusual - IMEIs are supposed to be the phone equivalent of a VIN. It's what's used to ban the phone if stolen etc. It wouldn't be normal for one to change, especially not with a software update. Maybe something odd happened with that batch's assignment in the first place.
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