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During my regular eBay car parts searching I've noticed more mitos getting broken for parts / more mito parts in general. I'm assuming as they get older and worth less crashed ones are more likely to be broken for spares than repaired

Are there any lists or guides or how tos for retrofitting the various options to cars which didn't come with them?

For example, things I would like to add to mine, autodimming rear view mirror, auto lights / wipers, folding wing mirrors, black headlining.

I'm assuming several things are simple bolt on jobs, other electrical items more involved. How 'standardised' is the basic mito electronic system? I.e. Can you just plug a device into the existing loom and get it to work, possibly after coding, or are they more standalone so everything you add will need its own harness and module?

I'm sure there are others who would like to add steering wheel stereo controls or cruise control or parking sensors to cars which didn't come with them.
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