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Evening lads,

As you can probably tell from my recent threads my 'new' 156 appears to be falling apart:mad:

I have priced this lot up which is needed to get my car through its test. It's about as cheap as I can get it Up till now.

All the suspension parts a Birth brand which I have never heard of, are they any good?


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Birth seem to be OK. You won't go wrong with shop4parts though ...

The only thing I'd change is go the Powerflex hub bushes. The standard ones don't last as long and they can be a pita to swap out. If you do try the standard ones, don't try drifting the new ones back in or you end up with a crumpled mess. They have to be drawn in with long bolt, nut, washers, and plenty of oil. I've done both. I fitted powerflex last time as they are easier now to swap out should they ever fail (which is pretty unlikely).

There's a how-to on my greenserpent website ...

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ah, I would love to fit powerflex through the whole back end bu after buying the car and have to do the front driveshafts money is tight so it has to be the cheapest option unfortunatley.

I had a quick look on your page there but dont see a how to for the bush? tbh I'm more worried about getting the old one out! are they handy to do or a bit of a pain? Thanks for the info btw:thumbs:

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Hi mate got your pm not a prob tried to send you one back but your box is full. I have the same problem cash wise myself so understand good luck with it all:thumbs:
New birth are Italian made but not sure of quality but alfa workshop sell them so can't be that bad!

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Thanks for that, I would have liked the 2 off you as I said because the other one is probably on the way out as well.

Hopefully this should be it for a while if I can get the overboost problem sorted out.

Thanks again for the offer! I have my inbox cleared out now :)
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