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So, we have a laptop that we are either gonna upgrade or scrap. It runs slow and really needs something done
The spec at the moment is
It's and Advent K4000, CELERON 530 1.7GHZ, 2Gb Mem, Windows Vista.

So is it worthwhile getting 4gb mem, upgrading to Windows 7? (It only has 2 mem slots hence 4gb only)
Also is it possible to swap out the processor for something a bit more beefier.

The memory upgrade and SW upgrade I can handle myself, but if it can take a processor swap, I'd probably have to hand it ovr to someone.

So Matt, what do you think?
Stuarts right about the SSD they make a big difference. I cant wait until they all have them when the price comes down.

I have upgraded the single core Intel Celeron 530 processors to dual core Intel Core 2 Duo (1 below an i5) before but It just depends on what support your motherboard\chipset has.

We have hundreds of spare processors and I normally start with the best chip and work down until I find one that works.

Celeron\i3 processors are cheap because they have a lot less cache memory which is very expensive to produce. If you can get a Core 2 in it you will replace the missing cache memory which will make a big improvement.

Have you tried reinstalling windows as this normally speeds up the computer no end (back to how it was new). There is only so much you can do with a tired operating system on a fragmented partition.

It wont be memory slowing it down, to a point anyway.

At the moment vista is probaby using 1GB Ram to load up leaving 1GB free which is probably 10 website tabs open at once.
Adding 4GB will not speed up windows loading time but it will mean that you have 3GB free allowing 30 websites tabs open at once, as an example.

It wont do any harm upgrading to 4GB but i think you'll be disappointed with the result.

If you were my customer id recommend a reinstall with the latest manufacturer drivers and take it to 3GB for good measure. If you have the money, upgrade to Win 7 too.
If there was some excuse to strip the laptop ie blocked fan & heatsink with dust\fluff it might be worth taking the board out and fitting a better processor. A waste of time on its own though.

Thats a point actualy, if your laptop is running hot intel processors clock down to save themselves from overheating. The fan\heatsink starts gathering fluff and dust.
Its a good feature in a way as AMD's dont have this and get hotter and hotter and DIE!

Cheeky link to my website with more info on this subject:
UKSL Laptops Ltd - Laptop Overheating Derby

The laptop I got from Laptop Matt is fantastic, thats with XP too. The solid state hard drive is awesome, can't believe how quickly it loads. It also plays Call of Duty MW2 at full graphics with barely any reduction in framerate. For £300-odd its one of the best purchases I've made :)
Nice one Dan, but stop playing COD and do some work :lol:
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