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Well some time ago I posted saying I'd had enough of my 5 series Beemer, a few false starts later I'll be collecting a practical Alfa one week from today and I can't wait :D not everything about my new car appeals but it is a vehicle to allow me to do many things.

What have I bought :rolleyes: well it's a green metallic 156 1.8ts Sportwagon :thumbs: but in reality it has had a recon engine which may out a little more power as it could well be a 2ltr ;) the interior is a lush green velour :cry: this will be swapped out for a black or creme leather (If anyone has pics of the creme leather against the metallic green I would like to see if possible) I think the interior needs brightening up.

The car has done 87k but looks fresh and the new engine has done around 40k so i'm errrrrrrrrrrr well chuffed :p it will be put to good use as my dailly driver and load lugger with all the work i need doing over the summer, ideal really.

What of the Beemer, well it's done 26k mls and is now 14 months old, I'll run it occasionally but it is avaliable for sale, I'll be giving it a top marque valet in the next few weeks before advertising, i'll also be keeping my eye on the price of fuel, if it happens to drop it will then be the time to offload the oil burner.

So stage one is complete, stage two is getting the garden and new garage in place followed by the search for the right little Bertie 1750 GTV circa 1968, there after i'll trade the 156 for probably a 159 but not ruling out any of the range right now and the possibility of the 169 surfacing may inspire me to rack up the miles on the 156 before using it as a deposit on the 169.

I can't tell you how happy i am :D I'll be able to show face at an Alfa Event without the German Lump.... you know the pics of the Green Wagon will be here soon :thumbs: be patient fellow Alfisti :lol:
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