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Back on thanks to speedy.
wondered if anyone has tried HPX oil. it's made
for older engines (20/60) quietened my V6 down.
with selenia had a bit of piston slap when hot,
purrs now.

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Hi Marlon
think it's made by selenia (not100% sure) think
l saw it in my owners manual not sure again
because l can't find it. it was recomended by my
mechanic friend should be able to get it most
alfa outlets,don't think it's any dearer than worked for me.

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Just done a quick web search and found a reference to Selenia HPX but also Putoline HPX Synthetic Front Fork Oil!!!! The choice is yours :D

I thought that grade of oil was for race engines or cold(?) climates.


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hello again Wrinx, l was parked next to you on
national alfa day (the guy throttling his four
year old son)
the oil l used was selenia HPX it says something
on the back for it gives higher compression to
engines that lose oil , l'll get the tin out

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from the back of the can
lubricant with a synthetic base for gasoline and
diesel engines of all makes an sizes.HPX is the
only lubricant specialy formulated to solve
problems of excessive oil consumption. in addition
HPX improves compression and greatly improves
exhaust smoke.
SAE 20W/-60

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Just remembered, isn't that the grade used in the GTA??? If it is expect to pay a small fortune for it :(


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No wrinx
l'm sure its for older looser engines or do
GTA's loose oil plus new engines like thin oil
HPX is quite thick. l think its around £25-30 for 5 litres.look at the ad for alfashop its on there.

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just been to MDZ in Charlwood to get a new
sender unit for reverse lights, found the price for
HPX. £18 + vat for 5 litres and it's made for
100,000 milers by fiat/lancia.
phew, last thing l say about it unless l start getting commission
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