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I appologise for starting such a sensitive subject but i have seen many opinions about what oil needs to be used on the V6 engines but not much reasoning behind it. I appreciate the handbook a lot, but as an engineer i would like to understand the reason why Alfa recommends the 10w60. Only thing i can think of is that the carnk sits more loose in the bearings and therefore you need the thick oil to retain good pressure or that the engine develops high oil temperature(But i think there is an oil cooler on the GTA). Does anyone know what alfa recommends for the 2.5 or 3.0 V6? is it 10w60?
Also what oil pressure are the GTA's run at?

In addition, does anyone know what is the base stock on the Selenia racing? is it Polyalfaolefin, Group3 Hydrocracked, or Ester based? On thing i can say is that the TBN value is quiet high which is good.

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Re oil cooler, yes the GTA gets a proper rad type oil cooler, but the non GTA versions have an oil/water heat exchanger.

Pre GTA all the petrol engines were listed as needing 10w40 for "normal" use, 10w60 full synthetic for "sports type driving" and also 5w30 for extreme cold climates.

For the GTA (and also the 2.0JTS) they only listed the "sports type driving" 10w60 spec.

So it wasn't a sudden change to 10w60 oil, it was always in the 156 manual from day one back in 1997 (at least it is in my 1999 manual)
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