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hi guys,

can anybody tell me where the heck is the oil level sensor.
Strangely enough since yesterday, both the warning lamps (on the check panel and on the instrument panel) are indicating that i have insufficient oil.
The fact is that the oil level is normal.
My mechanic told me that before buying a new sensor i have to be sure that it is the sensor which is defective and not maybe the instruments on the dashboard.
My car is a 2.0 16v ...1995/1996

regards Ian from malta

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Hi Ian,

i had the same problem with my '97 2.0, made me paranoid about checking the oil - which as in your case was always adequate. The problem was resolved when I had the variator changed. Don't know if this was a coincidence or not. I'm sure some of the other guys can give you a more accurate and informed answer..hold tight

regards, Raj

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Hi Ian
I would suggest the problem is with the sensor. There is one sensor for both warning lamps. The one on the check panel only comes on whilst the sensor detects a low level, the one on the instrument panel stays on for maybe 15 seconds once the sensor thinks it has seen a low level no matter how brief a time it was for.
It is located in the sump. It is a probe that goes in between the drive shaft and the sump. The resistance between the 2 pins should be 12 ohms. The sensor composes of a pair contacts at the end of a bi-metallic strip which is heated by resistance. The heat generated is normally dissipated into the oil but if the oil level is below the sensor the strip heats up and opens the contacts, interrupting the signal sent to the check panel.
Think thats about right!! :eek:

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