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oil for Canadian 155 V6

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I am trying to source some readily available oil in Canada, without going too exotic.

I am having a horrible tappety sound from the engine, except at high revs, and my mechanic said it might be oil related. The valves and rockers have been adjusted right before delivery, but it still is very, very tappety. The dealership put in Castrol 10w30 IIRC, and I think it needs a different oil than that to cure it.

I run Rotella T6 5w40 in my 2.0T Saab 9-3. It loves it. I know it is a diesel oil, but it works fantastic in boosted and high compression engines like the Saabs. Would it be ok for the Alfa V6? I figure its cleaning agents and stability under heat and pressure would be bonuses...

What other oil does anyone recommend that I could get from a Canadian Tire or something? I would prefer to stay away from Redline, Amsoil, or Royal Purple as they are VERY expensive. But if they are the best for my engine, and I have no alternative, I will spring for the rich boy stuff...

Also, if my engine is tappeting with 10w30 oil, should I go thicker or thinner to get rid of the noise? 10w40? 5w40?

Thanks, I really am not good at this...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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