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Oil change

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Hi there

I have just bought myself a 155 1.8TS and am now a hooked Alfa driver!! :D :D

I want to change the oil this weekend, and have been reading all of the posts on what type to use, but have a real basic (read stupid!) question... roughly how much oil will I need???

Thanks in advance
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Hi Steve
Another Silverstone Driver...........Woohoo !!!

I think that makes 4 of us in total on here.

Can't answer your question 'cos I get somebody else to do my "dirty" work. I would use 10/40 oil though.


You are best off buying 2 cans as then you will have plenty left over for top ups. I think you will require as least 5 litres, I know the V6 takes about 6.5 litres, hence why I always buy 2 cans.
I use castrol magnetec 10/40 for the last 130000 miles so I reckon it is all right.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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