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Hi all,
What oil goes in a 2L petrol JTS GT?
It isn't using much but I'd like to have some on hand.
Also, sometimes I get a clicking noise on start up.
It goes pretty quick but....
1/ Should I be worried?
b/ I'm going up the lakes next year so will be dropping her in at AL in Penrith for cam belt+fittings & a new clutch; so I don't really want to be doing anything till then. I'd have done no more than 2k, including getting there, up until then.
While I have your attention, is there a protocol when seeing other ARs on the road?
Riding my motorcycle we always let on to each other, generally with a nod of the helmet! There's a lot of camaraderie amongst bikers.
Some, and I'm new to the AR scene, AR drivers flash their headlights at me whilst others wave and the rest just blank me. If I wave at them first, they look at me as if I'm some kind of psychopathic retard with an axe on my back seat.
Though a Ford, a f*****g Ford mind, driving mate reckons you have to be at the very least a psychopathic retard with an axe on the back seat to buy an AR in the first place!
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