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OEM Head unit issues

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Hi everyone. My mum has a 2014 Mito QV. The original head unit has been playing up intermittently for a while and the screen is cracked. She's quite happy with the system for what she does, so picked up a new OEM model, exactly the same on eBay. Swapped it over without issues and radio, bluetooth all works but now the mileage is flashing, and none of the steering wheel controls work. Knew the were issues with aftermarket and connectors so getting the same model etc was the way to go.

Had a good trawl through the web and tried all kinds of suggestions with no luck. Any ideas from anyone on how this can be rectified or am I simply just missing something obvious ?

Thanks in advance!
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You need to plug in MES (Multi ECU Scan) and do a proxy alignment. In simple terms, the serial number of the head unit has changed and the ECU doesn't recognise it as a part of the system.

Any independent Alfa specialist will do this for you. Don't try a main dealer unless you have no choice, they'll be a lot more expensive.
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