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Numb Nuts

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Coming back late last night about 3 miles from home when a knocking noise came from the front passenger side front transmission on overrun. Didn't seem to get worse when steering either way so pressed on along windy country roads until home. Not noticed any vibration or imbalance when driving. Checked on CV joint and Driveshaft in this lounge when home and was resigned to needing a new Driveshaft. Wondered if my aftermarket warranty would cover it as it had not actually broken, and also there was a clause about not driving it making things worse... Took her out this morning 7.30 am ( couldn't sleep) and did some tight circles in either direction, no noise but on the open road still hearing an intermittent clunk from said wheel. Got it back and got the jack out to take the wheel off and went to loosen the nuts before jacking up. 4 of the 5 nuts were only finger tight! Own fault as removed all wheels a few weeks ago to fit Alloy Gators to protect my refurbed wheels. All other wheels were fine and if you'd asked me, would have said I was 100% sure all the nuts were tightened after I'd fitted the Alloy Gators......:eek:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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