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It was MOT time for the 156 on friday and she passed with only one advisory for rear tyre tread (and that was with a 6000K HID kit fitted). So good news there!

Took it into the Fiat & Alfa specialists, Bury St Edmunds. Had a good chat with Ed the owner who was more than happy to give me advice to determine if I have a split boost pipe (which I do), and how to replace it myself. Upon walking out of the door keys in hand, he said next time the car is in for its MOT they'll give me a courtesy car for the day free of charge - just to do an MOT!

I know its only a little thing, but nice of them to consider that people have lives they need to get on with while the car is at the garage. So much easier to drop off before work and pick up after.

So thumbs up for Fiat & Alfa specialists. Has anyone else here made use of their services?
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