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Strange issue with starting 159 1.9D 110kw manual 2006.

It started with fuse3 20amp burning out (electronic steering lock module). Replaced fuse, checked battery, ignition relay - all ok. But it still burns that 20amp fuse. Replaced with 40amp fuse - now fuse is not being burned, car starts 1/2 of time: when not starting, nothing happens, brake pedal clicks and thats all. But when i leave a car for a few hours and come back it starts, like this (added link below): i push the start button, starter spins for 1-2 cycles, then stops, then starts to spin again, car starts, then i release the button, and immediately after car start there's grinding noise that dissapears after 1-2 seconds. Sometimes starter doesnt hang, but grinding noise after start is always present. I went to rebuild starter and the guy found out that starters electric motor magnets were off - so he replaced motors body and after that i had like 3-5 good starts and then the same issue returned.

Now car starts again 1/2 of the time. I just tested starter without ignition by connecting 12V to starters trigger port and it ALWAYS spins without any problem and no grinding noises.

I suspect that it has something to do with trigger connection from start button to starter itself, but why the grinding noise and why so random?

Also, sometimes "Vehicle protection system error" appears, but it doesnt bother me and it is showing up for like 2 years now.

I am confused, i would replace whole starter with a new one but it spins OK when tested directly. Also, should i check batterys ground wire?

Thanks !

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