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Less of a major problem this one, while looking at wiring for the washers, I found the pipe for the waterspray in the footwell, that got me thinking that I want to enable it. I got a diagram a while ago (& promptly lost it).

Does anyone fancy putting the diagram into kiddie speak for me (spanners is not my thing) - like buy this xxx & fit here xxx. It would be a great help & endless cause of boasting at work wink

Thanks guys,

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This is a old post that I sent to alfaowners forum....

Like I don´t have any info about this system, I´ve removed trunk panels and study the complete are the wire colours :

Pressure Sensor:
Black : conected to ground
Brown : conected to terminal "85" of relay.

Brown (85) : to pressure sensor
Red (86) : to (+)
Green (87) : to water pumps
Red (30) : bridge to red (86)

At the right of the power steering reservoir it´s located a inlet manifold presure sensor....(looks like an oil pressure bulb)

When a high pressure it´s measured, thia sensor "close" the circuit sending a ground signal to a relay, activating it (located over fuse box), this relay sends 12V to two electrical water pumps (are like windscreen washer pumps, manufactured by Hella). This pumps sends a good quantity of water to a nozzle that is located in front of air intecooler....
A very good purge is needed to get water by the nozzle.

A easy way to test the system is disconnecting the brown and the black wires of the sensor and joining them.

For more info go to :
click in "tech info", and then in "water spray kit".

1 : Water tank
2: Water Pumps
6: One way water valve (manufac. by hella)
14: Relay
16: Sensor
21 : Sensor bracket
24: nozzle

Sorry about my poor english.

If anyone needs something plz don´t hesitate send me a email.

Best regards

Sebastian (´94 Q4)
[email protected]
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