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Anyone seen "The Fast And The Furious" ?

The NOS system is also available for Alfa's and will give up to 60hp with just one press on a button, imagine 60hp for 550$, there"s nothing that can top it

Although some applications call for a nitrous kit that applies to the
specific vehicle, most of the time we sell the universal dry systems which
require less installation time and are designed for fuel injected engines
that have little or no internal modifications. Horsepower changes are made
by selecting which jet to install on the car, a selection of which are
included with the kit. They are adjustable from 40-60 horsepower. Higher hp
kits are available as well but keep in mind that internal modifications to
the motor may be necessary. If you didn't see you car listed one of these
three kits are the ones to order. These systems can be installed in as
little as a few hours and don't require additional fuel enrichment from a
seperate solenoid. The kits come with very thorough instructions on
installation and can be done at home with minimal tools required.
Here are the part #s and prices of these systems which should make ordering
very simple. Have this number ready when you call.
If your car has.....
A 1.5 to 2.3 litre engine, order part #NOS05122 cost is $549
A 2.4 to 3.0 litre engine, order part #NOS05123 cost is $549
A 3.1 to 4.0 litre engine, order part #NOS05124 cost is $549
We also have a great book on the subject if you'd like more info that runs
Hope this helps,
Ron Jenkins
Magnumforce Racing


Hi Da Londo,

No offence, but in my own opinion it's 'fake'
power. Yes i've seen the film, awesome cars all of them. The only film capable of making me lust after a Japanese car!

But that was about drag racing.

Correct me if i'm wrong but i think you forgot to mention the fact that it can get a little pricey, especially if you get addicted to that speed rush! What with having to continually replace expired bottles. How long do they last?
Also can't help thinking that an Alfa with NOS might miss the point a bit.

Great fun at Santa pod though!


I'm a great believer in NO2. Dont forget that it isn't 'fake' power, it is just a chemical way to cool the intake! It does most efficiently (and in a totally different manner of course) what we all try to do by ducting cool air into the engine yet we don't call that fake. However I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that it could get expensive but if I had the $500 spare then I would give it a go, after all, I only live a few miles away from The Pod!

I agree with you Rob, perhaps 'fake' was the wrong word to use.
Perhaps 'artificial' or a non-permanent modification would better describe it.
Air is natural though, readily available, and for free! I hope you see my point.
I suppose it's just a shame we don't or can't breath NO2!

I suppose for me it's Turbo versus NO2, and i know which one i'd take. whoosh - tish!
Of course you can have both.

I'd love to test my car at Santa pod though!


Hmm I think the fact that it was great in the film totally dominated by big production litre Japenese cars is pretty much the whole point here. They are in my opinion without doubt the most reliable and strongest production engines on the planet but a car is more than an engine and the rest of it always seems to resemble an air fix kit crossed with a jelly mold!

As for using NOS on a 155 16 valve engine has everyone forgot the problems running at normal combustion belt/tensioner/pulley/variator/cylinder head etc etc etc ......... you would certainly keep the specialists in rebuild work for a while, reality check please guys!


164 Super


I'd just love to have a kit that boosted the torque from 2500 to carry me quickly into that screaming power band!
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