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Well only a few pics from me ... it appears I'm not yet used to my new camera (or my phone :eek:) Excuse the quality ...

As usual we were the first to arrive ... 1 hour early ...

Followed by a beautiful Brera and a lovely 159 ..

Some of the folks looked like they were needing the loo ....

After a few more arrivals ... Ros turned up in his new car .... :inlove: ( the car ... not Ros .. ... poor picture quality I know .. )

Now for inside ...
SIF and Mr Orange ...

Keith trying to hide ....

Ros .. Raven and the local Indi specialist (who's name I have forgotten .. )

It appears Keith wasn't the only one to be shy of the camera ... Mr Orange felt the same ...

Not quite sure what Steve had done ... but I was so glad not to be sat next to him ...

And finally ... the 'cheese' ( again a rubbish shot, but it had to be included) apparently it's a NE custom to take some to meets ...

Was a great evening ... nice to put faces to names ... :D

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Nice thanks for posting.
Some propper looking nutters there, oh and the indie specialist justin from QSP.
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