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No Reverse on selespeed! HELP!

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Good day mates,

I have a selespeed gearbox, gears worked perfect, 1st and all other gears goes in fine and ryns lovely. About 4 months ago had installed a new selespeed pump next to the reservoir as it had stopped working. Now last 2 days reverse jumps out and goes into N. If I play with it a million times it will go in finally but it's a risk no one wants to take when I go somewhere for sure.

This is the codes generated
P176862- Hydraulic Circuit Accumulator discharged - signal compare failure

P17737B - Hydraulic Circuit Flow / Pressure - Low fluid Level

Car works great besides that, it should not be a big problem as forward it drives perfect and this is only as of 2 days now. Also I did a small vid last night, while i have it on idle the pump keeps coming on every few seconds but only like for 1 or 2 seconds and comes off and 2 little drops of fluid comes back in the bottle, sort of looks as though pressure constantly leaking as I know the pump when it comes on intermittently it will not move like that, so this is very strage.

Please Help Me, thanks


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No point doing anything until you’ve replaced the failed accumulator that was diagnosed 2-weeks ago.
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