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No Reverse on selespeed! HELP!

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Good day mates,

I have a selespeed gearbox, gears worked perfect, 1st and all other gears goes in fine and ryns lovely. About 4 months ago had installed a new selespeed pump next to the reservoir as it had stopped working. Now last 2 days reverse jumps out and goes into N. If I play with it a million times it will go in finally but it's a risk no one wants to take when I go somewhere for sure.

This is the codes generated
P176862- Hydraulic Circuit Accumulator discharged - signal compare failure

P17737B - Hydraulic Circuit Flow / Pressure - Low fluid Level

Car works great besides that, it should not be a big problem as forward it drives perfect and this is only as of 2 days now. Also I did a small vid last night, while i have it on idle the pump keeps coming on every few seconds but only like for 1 or 2 seconds and comes off and 2 little drops of fluid comes back in the bottle, sort of looks as though pressure constantly leaking as I know the pump when it comes on intermittently it will not move like that, so this is very strage.

Please Help Me, thanks


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The accumulator has failed. The accumulator is the “battery” for the hydraulic system. With a dead “battery” the system will not work correctly. So there is no point to go further until accumulator is changed.

Key at “Mar” position and engine not running, the accumulator will have enough pressure for 10 minutes or more before pump will run again.
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