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m from Manila
my alfa specs
1997 alfa 155 T Spark super
16v 2.0 liter A/C with climate control
only 5533 kilometers milage
it been with me since last month

the problem with the car is delay in power (thats what i think?)
the car get its power at 2000rpm when i step on the gas
the rmp from 900rpm going to 2000 rpm is really slow even when like flooring it,
but when i get to 2000rpm thats when the car run normal (thats what i think again ?)
i get in trouble when climing up, if i stop at the some place with a 30 degree angle
or more going up, the car has no power to clime up, the car just stalls,
at one point i have to go down and accelirate the car for it to make it up there,

what is the problem with the car?
what instrument should i use to check the sensors?
can i use the ordinary diagnostic check the one they use for all the cars?
what are the diagnostic trouble codes?
does spark plug for this car cost like 20,000Pesos (400 us$) and it 8 pices?

need help any information will do : >
thank in advance

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Taking a shot in the dark here: Could it be your clutch slipping?

If the previous owner drove the car in city centres, depressing the clutch all the time it could be heavily worn.

The usual signs of this problem are revs going up, but car going nowhere (or not any faster).

Have a look

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Sorry, doesnt sound like the clutch as "stalling" is mentioned. Perhaps a fuel starvation problem. I would normally suggest the oxygen sensor for all running problems but doesnt sound like that either.

I'm guessing at one of the sensors or fuel pump but sounds like a garage job to be honest.



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thank you Antonios and wrinx : >
thank you for the info

when i reach the 2000 RPM the car works okey i can go fast ,
I have to shift gear at 3000rpm for it to accelirate normaly but but when i shift gear
at 2500 rpm or less the car acceliration becomes slow again
coz it will go down to less than 2000 rpm,i have to reach 3000 rpm or more
to shift gears for it to normaly accelirate and no loss of power
i also suspect that one of my sensors

in my country only few people drive alfa i think its like 50 people or less

how do u check sensors?
can i use the ordinary diagnostic check the one they use for all the cars?
what are the diagnostic trouble codes?

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Maybe its an ignition advance/timing problem? That would be a sensor too.
Codes and how to use them are in a recent posts on the forum. Here are the codes, the method is officially to use a bulb and wires (or the diagnostic alfa tools), but you can pump the accelerator 5 times while the ignition is on start and thge error code is displayed on the injector light.

4-4-4-4 - no errors
1-2-1-1 - battery voltage
1-2-1-4 - engine temperatue sensor
1-2-1-6 - throttle valve sensor
1-2-2-1 - air flow meter
1-2-2-2 - idle actuator (opening)
1-2-2-3 - regulation of lambda probe
1-2-2-4 - heated lambda probe
1-2-2-5 - air temperature sensor
1-2-2-6 - electroinjectors (group 1)
1-2-3-1 - power ciruit (inside control unit)
1-2-3-2 - electroinjectors (group 2)
1-2-3-3 - idle actuator (closure)
1-2-3-5 - compressor inlets
1-2-3-6 - compressor command
1-2-4-3 - fuel pump relay
1-2-4-4 - vapour recovery solenoid valve
1-2-4-5 - timing variator relay (1.8 and 2.0 TS only)
1-2-5-1 - control unit EPROM
1-2-5-4 - throttle valve sensor (signal)

Discussion Starter · #7 · the easy bits first change the fuel does it rev when not driving.??

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u mean when i start the car and not do anything or
when i stop while the engine is on. i think its okey
the RPM is at 900rev, when i try to move the car like
steping on the gas at first gear then i can see the rmp moves
very slow, the car accelirate slowly like no power or strugeling,

when i step on the gas at nutral, the rpm rev moves fast, normal pace
(i think its normal)
when i floor it like a quick step flooring it goes up to 4000 to 5000 rpm
at a normal pace
(i think this is also normal)

thank you jimybob

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how do i check them?
can i just pull them out and look at them and i can already see the problem?
can i just clean them?

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